Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a New Website

I meet with many potential clients who are on the fence about building a new website. Quite a few of these clients have websites that get a good deal of traffic and bring in some leads. However, websites have a lifespan, and despite the fact that the websites still bring traffic and leads, many of these websites are at the end of their lifespan. Are you thinking it might be time for a new website for your business? Read on to see my top 5 reasons your business needs a new website.

Your Website Isn’t Responsive

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a New WebsiteWhat is responsive design? A responsive website displays optimally on all screen sizes – from small smartphones all the way to huge desktop monitors. Why is this a big deal? Because more and more people are browsing the web using a large variety of devices, and you want to ensure your website can be easily viewed regardless of screen size. You want a user who starts on their iPhone, moves to their laptop, and finally views your site on desktop to have the same ability to easily locate the information they need to become your client.

Also, having a website with responsive design is key for SEO. Google is prioritizing mobile first and if your site is not mobile friendly, your site risks not showing up in organic search.

Your Website is a Pain to Update

If it takes you 2 hours and a call to your developer to add a simple page to your site, a new website will quickly pay for itself. Today’s websites should be in an easy-to-use CMS (I prefer WordPress) where adding a new page or changing some text is as simple as updating a Word document. Plan on changing out photos on the home page often? Let your developer know and they can create an easy to use widget for this. Google loves new and fresh content on websites – so yours should be easy to update – whether with new products and services pages or via a blog.

Things Are Broken

If you have features on your website that no longer work and you have no idea how to fix them (or there simply is no easy fix), it’s time to overhaul your site. Technology changes, and sometimes, these changes break features on your website that may have been cutting-edge 3 years ago. Often plugins that you used 4 years ago haven’t been updated in 2 years and are no longer supported by the version of your website. Keeping both your CMS and plugins up to date are key to preventing security issues. Outdated plugins are one of the most frequent ways malware can invade your site. Dealing with security issues constantly takes your attention away from your business and customers.

It No Longer Suits Your Business

Maybe the website looks and feels outdated. Maybe you have changed your company colors and/or logo. Maybe your competition just overhauled their website. Maybe it just doesn’t represent your company well anymore There are many reasons a website might no longer suit your business. Now is the time to create the website that your business needs.

Your Website is Slow To Load, Has No Calls To Action, Can’t Handle Video, Etc.

These days you need a speedy website with calls to action that can handle video. If your website can’t do even one of these items, its time to start fresh. Site speed is a ranking factor and Google likes to see sites load in under 3 seconds.

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