Social Media Management

Keep your audience engaged with fresh, interesting posts

Google uses social media as a ranking signal in SEO and your clients are spending their time on Facebook. Supercharge your SEO and brand’s visibility by adding high value Facebook content.

Posting fresh new content can be a challenge. We help you manage this by providing:

  • 1 hour of planning via phone with you each month (you agree to provide photos that can be used and to let us know of any special events, sales, etc.)
  • 3 Facebook posts per week
  • Don’t let negative posts damage your company image!
  • Negative comments are an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. We spend time weekly scanning your Facebook page for comments and posts that may require a response and will suggest a response for you to post directly on Facebook.

Additional Social Media Platforms

Based on your ideal client, we can provide social media management for other platforms as well.

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