small business internet marketing packageTransform Your Online Presence Into a Results-Producing Machine

with our Small Business Internet Marketing Package

To run a successful business and get an effective online exposure, you need an internet marketing strategy that’s industry-specific and tailored to your unique needs and business goals.

Above all, you need an online presence that communicates your strengths to your target audience, helps you increase web traffic, and gets your small business a steady flow of sales leads and a sustained growth in revenue.

As a small business owner, even though you know how impactful your marketing can be for your bottom line, trying to navigate the constantly changing online space is complex and exhausting.

Yet you know that leveraging an effective SEO strategy, a strong social media presence, and a perfectly optimized website is crucial if you want to get in front of your target market.

But getting results and a significant ROI from your lead generation efforts is even harder when you’re trying to do it all on your own. Not to mention some solutions may not even be within your budget, let alone fulfill those lofty, too-good-to-be-true promises.

That’s exactly where our Small Business Internet Marketing Package comes in.

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What Makes Us Different Than the Rest?

If you are looking to partner with a marketing agency that genuinely cares about your business and makes the effort to understand your niche and your specific needs, here’s what you should know about us:

  • We do not believe in cookie-cutter approaches, so we refuse to do you a disservice and treat your business as if it’s just like every other business out there
  • We only work with one client in a vertical, so you can be confident that there will never be a conflict of interest with any of your competitors
  • We work best when we’re a part of your team, so you can always be involved in the process and stay up-to-date with your performance metrics
  • We won’t try to bind you in contracts or huge retainers, so you can always fire us if you don’t see results for your business
  • We are a local-based business, so you can be sure we won’t close down, leave town, or outsource any of your work overseas

At Firstview Online Marketing, we work hand in glove with you to evaluate your business needs and find a solution that will enable you to achieve your goals. That way, you can start building meaningful online traffic and get the results everyone promises you – but so few are committed to delivering.

Ready to transform your online presence?  Fill out the form below or call us at 865-357-3600 to book your free 15-minute Strategy Session. During this zero-obligation call, we’ll help you identify your biggest marketing hurdle, so you can decide if working together is the natural next step for you. We will also send you a copy of “Marketing Your Business Online – The Essential Starter Guide.”

Here Are All the Components You Can Choose from for Your Custom Small Business Internet Marketing Package

Onsite Search Engine Optimization to rank higher for your core keywords

During the initial optimization of your website, we make sure it gets easily crawled by search engines. Doing this helps boost your website’s relevance for your core search terms and rank you higher for the keywords you want to target. This includes:

  • Keyword research, refinement, and categorization
  • Page title review and optimization of your homepage and interior pages
  • Content optimization and recommendations (requires your review/approval)
  • Internal link optimization to improve on-site user experience and engagement
  • XML sitemap submission for quicker and easier search engine crawling
  • Goal setup, tracking, and conversion optimization
  • Keyword page rank tracking setup

We also do the following on ongoing basis to ensure that your website’s visibility on search engines is not affected by any issues:

  • Monitoring performance and Google Search Console for website errors
  • Correct site errors that prevent or hinder Google from crawling your site effectively

Review and Reputation Management to get online testimonials and reviews for your business

You probably know that consumers rely heavily on others’ experiences throughout their buyer’s journey before they decide to purchase anything online. On top of that, search engines are more likely to reward your business with higher visibility when you have multiple reviews from satisfied customers on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Positive testimonials also increase your brand’s online authority which, in turn, boosts SEO. So it’s time to stop guessing how customers feel about your product or service and develop a business data point to evaluate your success, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.

We will set up and manage a system for you that will allow you to:

  • Automatically email customers asking for honest feedback about their experience
  • Encourage happy customers to review you online at the most popular review sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook
  • Solve issues for unhappy customers quickly and effectively, before they leave online reviews that may harm your reputation
  • Set up feedback notifications, review monitoring and platform reporting to help you analyze your customer feedback and online reputation

Yext Powerlistings to keep your business listings accurate and visible across the web

Yext Powerlistings are the perfect complement to your SEO strategy as a local small business. Premium business directories can help amplify your online presence and help you become more visible for competitive search terms in your industry.

We’ll ensure that your business’s listings on these sites are accurate, complete, and highly visible, giving you a leg up on your competition and amplifying your online presence. This includes:

  • Maximizing your visibility on 21 premium business directories
  • Ensuring more accurate and up-to-date business data across the web
  • Review monitoring, so you know what your customers are saying about you
  • Publishing products, services, and other content on your listings across the web
  • Tracking your profile views and referrals for each premium business listing

Facebook Content Management to engage your audience with fresh, captivating content

Google uses social media as a ranking signal in SEO to decide which business to favor in search queries. And the best part?

Your clients are already spending a great deal of time on Facebook. So why not supercharge your SEO and brand’s visibility by giving them something worth consuming on Facebook that will also help engage and drive them to your website?

Sure, posting fresh and interesting content can be a challenge. This is why we’ll help you by providing you with:

  • One monthly 1-hour content planning session with you via phone
  • Content for any special events or promotions you’d like to run (excl. photos or images)
  • 3 Facebook posts per week to keep your audience engaged

Blogging to boost your brand’s visibility consistently with high-quality content

When it comes to increasing your business’s online visibility, content is still king. But for blogging to work best and to see traction from your content marketing efforts, you need to be consistent and have a clearly laid out plan.

Blogging helps you build your web presence in multiple ways. It can:

  • Augment your website’s SEO efforts by establishing you as an industry authority
  • Improve search visibility by helping you rank for new long-tail keywords
  • Increase website traffic and connect you with more of your ideal prospects
  • Enhance your brand’s credibility and encourage customer loyalty

Here’s what you’ll get to make the most out of blogging:

  • Topic-relevant posts of 300-600 words optimized based on your SEO strategy
  • Blog posts with an image from your website or a licensed one to use on your blog posts (at no additional cost to you)

Monthly Reports to get insights into your website’s performance and growth results

We send monthly reports to keep you informed about the progress of our SEO and online marketing efforts. Each report will identify and track all of the key metrics involved with your website, including:

  • Total traffic, so you can compare with metrics from previous months
  • Traffic sources, so you know where your engaged visitors come from
  • Traffic quality, so you know which channels to focus on more
  • Conversions/leads, so you can see what’s working well and what needs to be optimized
  • Keyword rankings and trends, so you know what your prospects are looking for

We can also customize this report to include other metrics that would be a valuable KPI (key performance indicator) for your online success.

How Much Will the Small Business Internet Marketing Package Cost Me?

We know small businesses have marketing budgets that fall in widely different ranges.

And we know that, ultimately, you’re looking to achieve your business goals and see a sustained ROI for all your marketing efforts – without wasting time on empty promises or spending a fortune on marketing methods that are not suited for your unique business model.

This is why we put together every customized package based on your company’s specific needs and budget. No big promises we can’t keep. And no wasted money in the process, either.

Our job is not to try and sell you on services that are not going to help you achieve your business goals. Instead, we commit to working with you to find out exactly which components of the Small Business Internet Marketing Package are going to be the best fit for your business.

To find out if we can help your business,  fill out the form below or call us at 865-357-3600 to book your free 15-minute Strategy Session. During this zero-obligation call, we’ll help you identify your biggest marketing hurdle, so you can decide if working together is the natural next step for you. We will also send you a copy of “Marketing Your Business Online – The Essential Starter Guide.”