SEO Doesn’t Have to Be Confusing

SEO Doesn't Have to Be ConfusingToo many of our potential clients come to us with a laundry list of misconceptions about what SEO is and isn’t. I actually wrote a post about some of the most common SEO misconceptions¬†weeks ago. Well, I’m still on that soapbox because SEO doesn’t have to be confusing.

Explaining SEO can be an extremely arduous task. Partially because it contains so many different elements spanning multiple online disciplines. And secondly, because there are so many unqualified people attempting to do it – and over-complicating and misrepresenting it in the process. As I have explained in the past, SEO is a difficult task that requires lots of hard, consistent work and specialized knowledge. However, it is not magic – there are no “tricks” or “secrets.” In fact, if you hear these terms from an SEO practitioner, RUN.

I recently stumbled across an article by Brent Beshore that does an excellent job of attempting to clarify SEO, and I wanted to share it. You can read the full article here: The Simple Truth About SEO. Brent succinctly sums up real SEO without being overly technical. I think it is a near-perfect guide to SEO for business owners and managers. I urge you to read the full article linked above, but below I have provided his main points and added a few of my own comments.

SEO Doesn’t Have to Be Confusing

There is No Secret

Indeed! Stop looking for quick fixes and realize that SEO is a game of consistency – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Get the Basics First

Make sure your website is in order – good structure, design, navigability, etc. – before delving into an in-depth SEO plan.

Quality Over Quantity

Gone (LONG GONE!) are the days of submitting your site to every link directory you can find and spinning the same article 50 times so you can boost your website’s content. Provide helpful, useful content to your industry and generate links with the buzz this content will create.

Links Still Matter (if they’re good ones)

See quality over quantity above.

Get Social

Your business needs to be on social media (with very, very few exceptions). Period.

Videos are In

People like videos. Google likes videos. Start creating helpful (not advertorial) videos for your customers, and they (and Google) will love you for it.

Google Knows if You’ve Been Bad or Good (so be good for goodness sake)

Stop trying to game the system. Google is getting better and better at finding (and punishing) offenders.

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