PPC Management Services

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programs like Google AdWords are a highly effective way to quickly increase visibility and generate new leads because you show up when someone is actively searching for the product or service you sell. Maximize your online marketing with Google AdWords and our PPC management services to dominate your competition.

Would you like a COMPETITIVE EDGE?

PPC Management Services KnoxvilleBoth small and large businesses have come to depend on Google AdWords to give them a competitive edge in online visibility. AdWords is a bid based system. Depending on the amount you bid, your ads can appear in the very top of Google’s search results. Since people read from top to bottom, the closer your ads appear to the top of a search page increases the chance that the searcher will click on your ad and visit your site. When coupled with an effective SEO program, Google Adwords can help your company dominate Google search listings with multiple listings appearing on a page.


SEO is a great way to increase your visibility on the web and builds the foundation of a company’s long-term online visibility. But even the best SEO programs can take months to get your business on the first page of Google search results. Google AdWords provides the following important benefits:

  • Google AdWords provides quick visibility
  • AdWords can put your business in prime position when people search for your products and services
  • You only pay for ads that are clicked on
  • AdWords leads are tightly targeted and generally highly qualified
  • AdWords can be tailored to show in targeted markets and at specific times
  • AdWords display on any device, including desktop computer, tablets and smartphones


Even if you are already ranking well by using SEO, you need Google AdWords.

  • SEO and PPC make an excellent team and can improve lead generation when utilized together
  • Your business can show up twice as often when potential customers search for your products and services effectively doubling your visibility
  • By having more listings on each search page you make it much more likely that searchers will click through to your site

PPC Management Services

At Firstview Online Marketing, we are Google AdWords experts – and a certified Google Partner. We know what it takes to build and manage an AdWords campaign that works on both desktop and mobile devices and make it profitable for your business.

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