Our Story

Firstview Online TeamAfter the recession, we recast ourselves. Up until then we were strictly web designers and developers. As I looked for inspiration, I kept coming back to the same question. “What could we do to improve our contribution to other business owners?”  I wanted to do work that allowed our team to go home at night feeling good about what we had done. Our biggest goal and requirement was that whatever we decided to do, it had to help others. We firmly believed in the axiom “You can get anything you want in life if you just help others get what they need.”

That one axiom provided the inspiration we needed to start Firstview Online in 2010. We knew that many businesses were struggling to increase profits and grow their business. We knew that most businesses didn’t have a solid understanding of how to leverage the Internet to work for their business. Over the years that followed, we made it our daily mission to master the Internet and help companies profit from their presence online.

The recession may be technically over, but the effects are still all around us. As business owners, there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t put everything we have into making our business work for ourselves, our families, our employees, and our clients. In the last 5 years we have seen many disingenuous people and companies enter our market with outlandish claims. They promise great results and oftentimes fail to deliver. It’s sad when we meet a new client who was taken in by one of these shady Internet marketing companies. We can’t help them get their money back, but we can put them back on the right track.

I think our goals and values make us different. We aren’t perfect and we have made our share of honest mistakes, but we are honest and trustworthy. I’m happy to say that for 99% of our clients, their businesses are significantly better off today than when we started. We know Internet marketing. We only use solid techniques that don’t bend any rules and will work to generate long-term profits. We have a wonderful team of talented individuals that are totally committed to helping our clients succeed.

If its time to move your business forward with a strong Internet marketing plan, give us a call. We’re happy to provide good advice and a solid direction to help move your business forward. In today’s economy, we think that’s what it’s all about.