5 SEO Tactics To Stop Using Immediately

There are no real tricks in SEO – high rankings are earned by quality, well-structured websites; not by trying to fool the search engines. Trying to fool the search engines with “tricks” and clever vices will earn you a penalty. We have seen, and continue to see, our fair share of spammy SEO tricks and techniques. Most of them, however, aren’t implemented by spammers – they are being used by unknowing business owners and/or marketers who received some bad advice from a friend or from some random blog or internet forum.  Here are 5 SEO tactics to stop using immediately.  

5 SEO Tactics To Stop Using Immediately

5 SEO Tactics To Stop Using Immediately

Buying Links

This is far and wide the most common tactic we come across. I think the reason people so often use it is because it works … for a while. But when the search engines recognize the unnatural links, they will penalize you for it, or worse, de-index you. Just don’t do it!

Google on paid links

Even giant corporations aren’t immune

Posting Fake Reviews

This one is more for local businesses. We often run across businesses that have hundreds of reviews on Google Places or Yelp while their nearest competitor has five. Yeah, those are real. Thing is, these reviews don’t even help enough in rankings to warrant the risks – and the penalties for this are often monetary. Don’t even think about it!

Fake reviews cost New York companies thousands


First and foremost, you should optimize your website for your visitors — the optimization for search engines usually follows inline. Still, we often see websites where the title, h1, and alt tags on EVERY page is “[main site keyword]”. Not only is this not helping you (read: keyword cannibalization), it is making you look silly to your visitors, and it will get you penalized for being spammy. Don’t do it!  Each page on your website should be optimized around 1 keyword and each page should have a different keyword/phrase that you are targeting.

Keyword-Stuffing Content

Content is for people, not search engines. Write quality content that answers your visitors’ questions – the keywords will happen in the content naturally. Stop writing like this: “Buy Nike shoes from us, because we have the cheapest Nike shoes of all Nike shoes of anywhere else you might find Nike shoes on the Nike shoe internet.” You look silly to your visitors, and search engines will easily see what you’re trying to do. Please don’t do this.

Multiple Domains for One Business

Just because you own multiple domains that have your keywords in them, it doesn’t mean you should use them. If you want to buy them to keep your competitors from using them, that’s a good strategy, but don’t use them to rank in search engines. You will just confuse search engines and visitors as to which domain is the real you, which means your rankings will suffer.

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