5 Costly AdWords Mistakes

Multiple AdWords Accounts Running by Different Entities

This has happened to us a couple of times – either the client forgets they had someone else running a separate account or they forgot to turn the one they were running off.  You should have ONE Adwords account being run by ONE agency.  This is not only best practice, but multiple accounts running can confuse Google and waste your money as you are essentially competing with yourself on cost per click (CPC).

Keywords Too Broad

If your keywords are set to broad, you will attract visitors who weren’t necessarily searching for the product/service you sell.  This will waste your money as you are charged for every ad clicked.  The more specific you can be with the keywords you target, the better chance to land interested visitors to your page.  I am a huge fan of the modified broad match keyword type.

No Negative Keywords

One way to negate the broad keywords is to make sure you have negative keywords for your campaigns.  These are words you do NOT want to show up for.  One account we took over had zero negative keywords and they were paying for search terms that had nothing to do with what they did.  I added 140 negative keywords (based on the search terms that Google shows yielded clicks).  The next month they had the same amount of conversions for half the price.

Low-Quality Score Keywords

Google assigns each keyword with a quality score between 1 and 10 (with 10 being the best).  The lower the keyword score, the higher CPC you will pay.  Your entire account will also suffer from having low-quality keywords.  I recommend deleting any that are a 1 or 2 and working to improve any from 3 to 5.

Inefficient Landing Pages

Someone has clicked on your ad and you have paid that CPC.  Now they are on your website.  Where did you take them?  Are you providing the visitor with the information they need based on the search term they entered? Do you have clear calls to action (how to order, phone number, contact form, etc.)?  You have someone on your website who is interested in the product/service that you sell.  They sought you out.  Having visitors come to your page and not know what to do next or be able to get the information they need is a waste of money.

Make sure that whoever is running your AdWords account manages your money as if it were their own.  Taking these five cost AdWords mistakes into consideration should be the first thing every agency should do.

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Glenneth has been generating leads through Google AdWords for over 4 years. She is a Google certified AdWords specialist. She concentrates on getting the most out of her client’s dollars regardless of the amount they have to spend. A graduate of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Glenneth is a dedicated Vols fan and proud Vol for Life (#VFL). She bleeds both orange and pink. When not reviewing numbers on AdWords, Glenneth enjoys blogging, social media, and strength training.

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