11 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google AdWords

11 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google AdWords

Many companies come to us wanting search engine optimization (SEO) help, but have never considered using Google AdWords. Here are 11 reasons we recommend doing AdWords AND SEO to our clients.

1. AdWords gets you to the top faster. If you are not currently ranking for your core keywords, SEO can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on the amount of competition in your area and your vertical. AdWords can get you on the first page of Google much faster. As soon as your campaign is set up and running, your ads can be showing within 24 hours. This doesn’t mean to skip SEO – you still need it, but AdWords can get you visible while working to improve your organic rankings.

2. Your competitors are using Google AdWords. If you are in a competitive area or vertical, chances are your competitors are using Google AdWords. And if they are using AdWords, it is because it is working for them. It can work for you as well.

3. AdWords gives you another opportunity to appear on the 1st page. Let’s say you are already ranking on the 1st page of Google. AdWords allows you to show up at least once more. You may be asking, “Why should I PAY to advertise on the first page when I am already ranking?” Great question. Searchers see people that show up more than once on the first page as having more authority. In local markets, you have the potential to show up in AdWords, maps, and organically (as well as on directory listing websites). The more you show up, the better the chances that searchers will click on one of your links.

4. AdWords is measurable. Google provides tons of metrics that you can utilize to determine how your campaigns are going, and you can quickly make shifts. AdWords is very measurable in that you can actually see what keywords or keyphrases prompted a click. Most traditional forms of advertising do not provide these types of metrics and make it hard to determine a true ROI.

5. AdWords is flexible. We have one client who sells a set of products specifically for snow. We monitor the nation’s weather and once we see snow being called for, we turn the campaign on. When the snow stops across the nation, we turn it back off. Whether you have sales going on around the holidays, launch new products, or stop selling products, AdWords can quickly be changed to represent what is currently happening in your business.

6. AdWords lets you control your advertising costs. With AdWords, you set a specific daily budget and maximum cost per clicks. You determine how much you’re willing to spend per day and how much a click is worth to you.

7. AdWords helps you gain new clients. Your ad is shown when people are searching for your new product or service. AdWords gives you a great chance to showcase your business through targeted keywords and product/service specific ads. These are people who might not have found your website organically.

8. AdWords allows you to target specific areas. If you are a local business, you might be wondering why you should advertise on Google when everyone in the world uses it. Because you set the geographic area you want to advertise to. You can set a zip code, a radius around a city, a city, a county, a state, a country, etc. You don’t have to pay for advertising in areas you don’t serve.

9. AdWords allows you to showcase your information. Quickly show searchers other information about your business. Through ad extensions, you can show your business’s address, phone number, reviews, and much more.

10. AdWords has remarketing. Ever go on a website and then later you are on another site and see an ad for the previous site? That is called remarketing. By adding a simple code to your website, you can tag (cookie) visitors to your site. Then, as they explore other sites around the internet, your ad can follow them and keep your business top of mind.

11. AdWords is on the top of mobile. Nearly 60% of searches come from Google mobile. AdWords takes up the top two spaces on mobile with users having to scroll to see organic listings. AdWords is the best way for your business to be found on mobile.

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Glenneth is the CEO and Owner of Firstview Online Marketing. She is a certified Google AdWords specialist. She works with her clients to determine what online marketing strategies will work best for their business and budget. A graduate of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Glenneth is a dedicated Vols fan and proud Vol for Life (#VFL). She bleeds both orange and pink. When not spending time online for her clients, Glenneth enjoys blogging, social media, and strength training.

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